All senior staff at WK do at least 20 hours of community work each year with various charities and organisations, lending our skills and expertise to help our region’s community succeed.

WK is proud to sponsor a wide range community groups and interests. We care deeply about Marlborough and are passionate about giving back to the community we have been part of for more than four decades.


  • Tasman Makos

  • Queen Charlotte Yacht Club

  • Hospice Marlborough

  • Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000

  • Renwick Sports Centre

  • Queen Charlotte College prize giving

  • Marlborough Boys College prize giving

  • Marlborough Girls College prize giving

  • Cancer Society

  • Life Education Trust

  • Harlequins RFC

  • Epilepsy Foundation

  • Heart Children

  • Angels for Children Charitable Trust

  • The Royal NZ Plunket Society

  • Lions Club of Blenheim

  • First Light Trust (Outward Bound)

  • Eternity NZ Trust

  • Marlborough Rugby Sub Union

  • Marlborough Squash Club

  • Marlborough Tennis Association

  • Marlborough Cricket Association

  • Marlborough Civic Theatre Trust

  • Awatere Rugby Football Club

  • East Coast Rugby