Qualities to be an outstanding receptionist


Who better to ask than our outstanding receptionist… what are her four most important things about being a good receptionist?

1. Exceptional Phone manner
Anyone can answer a phone, but receptionists have to have a remarkable voice that flows, you need to be fast at getting out where you work and who you are otherwise the caller sometimes interrupts . Always be respectful and polite to each and every caller. Note accurate and correct caller details and repeat telephone numbers if necessary for return calls.

2. Terrific Listener
You need to listen to what your client/customer is telling you and respond with a solution… you may have the information they want, or it may simply be transferring them to the person within the organisation that can promptly assist them.

3. Wonderful Sense of humour
It really helps for a receptionist to see the funny side of life and to make clients/customers feel welcome while waiting.

4. Dazzling Wardrobe
All receptionists should dress well and wear that welcoming bright smile! Reception is usually the first “face” your client/customers sees when they cross that doorstep into your office.

Jeanette Holmes