Xero releases new Billable Expenses feature

A much-awaited Billable Expenses feature was released by Xero last week and it will be a key financial control if your business purchases items to on-charge to your customers.

Billable expenses are costs you’re charged as part of a job, or purchases you make, that you want to recover from your customer.

Now Xero’s Billable Expenses allows you to tag items in your bills to particular customers:


So, the next time you invoice that customer a note will pop up reminding you to charge items to them:


If you on-charge expenses to customers, using this feature will help ensure every relevant cost is passed on; which will more than likely save you time and may even save you money.

For more info on how to use Xero Billable Expenses in your business talk to your WK Advisor or check out the Xero website.