WK’s association with Blenheim car dealership Motorworld Group dates back 30 years.

While Wadsco’s in house accountant looks after day-to-day bookkeeping, WK director Neil Sinclair has helped navigate the company through a part change of ownership twice in the past 10 years, and also sits in on monthly board meetings to lend his expertise in planning and business strategy.

In April 2015, Wadsco’s owners Jared Morris and Wayne Young decided to take the rare opportunity to buy Blenheim’s oldest car dealership Mayfield Motorworld.

Neil worked closely with the pair, providing a reliable sounding board with a robust understanding of their business and operations, says Jared.

“Neil brought a very measured and calculated approach to the table, which meant we could move forward with confidence in what was a pretty big step for us.”

To make short of a complex business transaction, Neil was involved in a number of facets of the deal including:

  • Crunching the numbers to ensure it was a financially viable business solution
  • Anticipating the financial impact on the existing business
  • Identifying any risks and putting a plan in place to mitigate them
  • Strategy to improve the existing Mayfield business
  • Financial evaluation of Mayfield Motors and its long-term business prospects
  • Neil says helping his clients’ businesses flourish is why he got into accounting in the first place.

“Achieving tangible results for my clients is what really motivates me – if all I was doing was handing over a tax bill, I wouldn’t be doing what I do.”