Craig joined WK in 1987 before becoming a director in 2002 he is engaged with general accounting and business advisory services for a diverse range of clients.

He’s proud of the culture and values that he and his fellow directors have created at WK, viewing them as key factors in the success of WK’s clients, staff and the community organisations they represent.

A born and bred Marlburian, Craig grew up on the family farm in Ward and is now raising his own children, Oli and Hannah, in Marlborough with his wife Pip. He loves to spend time with family, and maintaining a work-life balance is key for Craig.

His family has a passion for horses, Craig with interests within the thoroughbred industry, Pip and Hannah riding and competing in local equestrian events.

Craig also has an interest in most sports and played 97 games of rugby for the mighty Marlborough Red Devils between 1991 and 1997.