David originally started working with WK nearly two decades ago in 2001 before leaving New Zealand for 10 years to work in both Australia and China.

On his return in 2017, armed with excellent knowledge of Australian tax laws, David noticed there had been a big shift in practices from manual coding of bank statements to cloud-based systems such as Xero.

He hit the ground running, becoming an expert in Xero as part of the WK winery team, and was promoted to Senior Advisor level in 2019.

David learned his accounting skills through practical work, beginning at the age of 17 and has an English Teaching Diploma. While in China, he taught English for five years.

He lives in Blenheim with his wife, Gu Qian (Reese) and their pet dog Sam and loves to enjoy the many walks, rivers for trout fishing and the stunning Marlborough weather.