How we deliver

We have experience across a myriad of industries and business sizes to support the development of a clear plan to boost your probability of change success. What we cover:

  • The history of change management
  • Revealing Dr Chris Mason’s change success methodology
  • Discovering the 3 key factors and 10 sub factors of change success
  • Understanding how to overcome barriers to change

Prevent ‘ground hog’ years in your business. Boost your probability of change success
The key benefits of our change success process are:
Auditing your change initiative’s current probability of change success
Prioritisation of your key change issues
Development of strategies to improve change success
Drive strategies into specific actions
Walk away with a clear and concise ‘One Page Plan’ for change success
Allocate responsibilities and timelines for action items

Importantly, we can assist in turning your change success plans into reality. We support your implementation process with a combination of face-to-face and online advisory support. The likelihood of implementation success is greatly improved because all actions are captured online so your personnel are held accountable for timely delivery, plus any training they need can be delivered when and where they need it, either ‘just-in-time’ online or in person.
Click here to try our Change Success Diagnostic. This will provide you with a real life assessment on how change ready your business is

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