Many of you will want or need more specific support and guidance to navigate through this crisis.  Cashflow planning, disaster recovery planning (and strategy in general) are critical now to help businesses through the current crisis.  Perhaps more importantly, the right advice and planning will give certain businesses a great head start when it comes to the opportunities that will arise when the lockdown ends, and things return to normal(ish).

We are working with the Regional Business Partner Network (RBPN) a division of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, which has made limited funding available to help businesses obtain appropriate advice to help them through this initial part of the COVID-19 crisis.

Financial assistance offering

RPBN is offering financial support to businesses up to $1,000 to help them obtain advice for the likes of cash flow planning or business continuity planning from approved service providers (including WK).  
The funding available is limited, so we suggest that you if you are looking for additional support, that you reach out to us sooner rather than later.
Please note that to qualify for the funding, your business must meet these basic requirements:

  • The business is an employer; and
  • The business was sound before COVID-19 and has been adversely affected by COVID-19; and
  • With the right support the business will survive and provide jobs in the future; and
  • The business needs support from RBPN


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