WK has a wide range of internationally tried and proven toolkits to help you achieve growth.

How we deliver

Our methodology ensure you make the most of planning time, by using a hands-on, collaborative approach, supported by tried and tested growth tools and methodologies.

The outcome of the process will be a ‘Growth One Page Plan’ supported by countless other exercises providing focus and clarity on which strategies to implement to achieve your growth targets.

The key benefits of the ‘Growth Strategy’ process are:

  • Audit of your current marketing performance
  • Gain clarity to your market segments and current target market
  • Understand how to discover valuable insights from your existing customers
  • Review your competitors’ performance
  • Review and improve your current product strategies
  • Discuss pricing strategies
  • Develop a series of growth strategies captured in a ‘One Page Plan’
  • Allocate responsibilities and timelines for action items
  • Learn a series of growth tools you can use yourself in the business

Importantly, WK can assist in turning your plans into reality by backing the implementation process with a combination of face-to-face and online advisory support.

The likelihood of implementation success is improved with all actions captured online, just-in-time training provided and personnel held accountable for timely delivery.

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