Our approach has always been one of innovation and, as you and your needs have changed, so have we.  Our early recognition of the power of Cloud Accounting is an example of this.

As well as offering the full range of accountancy services you have come to expect, we have also been increasingly focusing on helping clients like you to add value to their businesses, right now, through providing effective innovative business advice.

This approach is reflected in the shortening of our name to ‘WK’, the ‘+’ symbol, and the fresh vibrant green of our new logo.

Our new company name – ‘WK Advisors and Accountants Limited’ – takes out ‘Chartered’ to avoid confusion and includes ‘Advisors’ to acknowledge our new focus on business advising.

Rest assured though we are still Chartered Accountants.  This means you have assurance that our quality standards, training and systems are the best in the industry.  Accountants who are not Chartered Accountants do not have any standards that they must meet.

While our logo and name uses ‘WK’, Winstanley Kerridge is still very much part of our brand; acknowledging our history, legacy and reputation in Marlborough.

For a bit more info, here’s a little bit of design-speak about our new logo:

wk logo
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