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If you haven’t adjusted your business to meet these changes you risk tougher sanctions for not complying with the new standards, so read our quick breakdown below and follow the links for further reading.

The changes included:

  • Parental leave payments increased from 16 weeks to 18 weeks, and changes into who is entitled and how leave is taken. Find out more here.
  • Hours of work with written employment agreements. More information here.
  • The minimum wage increased to $15.25 an hour and the starting out and training wage increased to $12.20 an hour.
  • Tougher sanctions for employers and businesses that don’t comply with the new standards to protect vulnerable workers and help ensure the work places are fair and competitive.  Read more here.
  • Employers must keep records of all employee’s hours worked and the pay for those hours in a way that both employees and labour inspectors can access.  Click here to read more.

If you’re not sure of anything contact us, we’re always happy to help.

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