WK client F45 Takapuna are celebrating the move out of COVID-19 Lockdown; Co-owner Lynnae Palu has been managing business operations for the gym under difficult circumstances for the last 107 days.

Partner Matthew, credits Lynnae’s passion for the industry as being a huge driver for the business, without her commitment he says,  “we may have not survived”, to his credit he has supported her and the business while maintaining his involvement in his “real job”.

With the facility located on the Northshore in Auckland, the move to the “Red Traffic Light” marks a move in the right direction for those of their clients that have received both doses of the vaccine.

For those of us who have been less constrained, it is easy to overlook the difficulties they have faced. The business continued to operate with sessions conducted online and where possible outside. 

Owners Matthew and Lynnae made a bold decision to suspend membership fees during the lockdowns but continue to provide a level of service to clients who were also facing their own struggles. 

They were rewarded on Friday morning with, as Matthew quotes “a strong turn-out of bookings”.

Senior advisor Greg Newman has been on the journey with Lynnae and Matthew since they first considered buying the Franchise in mid-2019,  he says “working with people who have clear goals and targets, is a great thing, at WK we have a number of values, amongst those is a caring attitude and a desire to contribute to our community, the people at F45, Lynnae, Matthew and their wonderful staff, reflect exactly that”.

Well done F45 Takapuna, we wish you a successful re-opening and a healthy future.

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