Many of you will already be aware of Peter Forrest’s retirement from WK. Peter has officially now retired.

We will be forever indebted to Peter for his commitment over 30+ years to WK. Not only did Peter excel in his profession but Peter has made a massive contribution to WK and our community over many years.  There is no doubt that Marlborough is a better place today as a direct result from the quality advice that Pete gave to many Marlburians and their businesses over his tenure. 

Winstanley Kerridge came into existence in 1987 with the amalgamation of local firms “Winstanley Robbie and King” and “Kerridge and Sutherland”. Peter being a director at the time of Kerridge and Sutherland. It is hard to believe 30+ years have now past since this amalgamation.

Peter through his time with WK has formed very close friendships with staff and long-standing clients of the firm. He was a little different than most, with a passion for “tax” and has carried out our tax specialist role through until retirement. He was a very focused person and strived to deliver value and quality in all aspects of his work and engagements. He has contributed massively to the culture of our firm as it sits today, for the better of our staff, clients and community.

On the social side at WK Pete was very different from his work demeanour. Somewhat relaxed, fun and always up for a challenge. He enjoyed the staff team building days, the partner conferences and relaxing over some fine dining and a glass of wine. We can not forget the many games of 500 played at partners conference, they would go for hours as the “10 no trumps” call would come into play by Peter.

Peter we all sincerely wish you, Andrea and the family a fun and healthy retirement.

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