RDCallaghan Innovation is a Government agency supporting growth and expansion of technology in New Zealand businesses.  It has experts to help and advise you in your business, as well as research and development grants available for businesses all in stages. The full terms and conditions can be found online at www.callaghaninnovation.govt.nz.

There are various R & D grants that can assist if you meet the criteria. For those who are in the early stages of research and development, there is the Getting Started Grant. This is designed to help you through any obstacles you may come across during your research and to give your business that head start it needs initially.

The Project Grant is available for existing businesses wanting to expand. It offers expertise and stability to those needing help to reach a higher level of scientific or technical knowledge.

The Growth Grant is a three year grant designed for businesses that have had previous experience in the area of research and development and are looking for a way to take their R&D to the next stage. It allows access to make a greater market impact and offers flexibility for R&D outside usual criteria.

There is also a number of grants available for students, one of these being the Experience Grant. This grant allows a student to intern with your business, bringing in fresh innovation and ideas to add to your business and offering them a bridge to starting a career. These are not only for business expansion but also to support growth in areas such as work experience and practical skills. Other student grants include Careers Grant, to allow students to enter what could be permanent employment and Fellowship Grants, which offer your business research done at PhD or Masters

If currently in an R & D phase, visit the Callaghan Innovation website to see this could potentially assist you. There are answers to many frequently asked questions and experts to offer their professional advice.

Author: Sammi Parkes

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