Sabine 1For many at WK, getting out and working amongst the community is a regular occurrence.

Recently, senior advisor Sabine Lieflander took on a new voluntary role as the treasurer of the Postnatal Depression Marlborough Charitable Trust.

Having previously worked with Lifeline Marlborough, the opportunity was a chance for Sabine to help those suffering with mental health and depression.

“I always felt that mental health is underfunded in New Zealand.

“Particularly for mothers, depression can be such an insidious condition, some mothers may not realise they are struggling with it. The trust is trying to raise awareness and provide support and counselling for them. It’s just a good cause to get involved with,” Sabine says.

Established in 2005, the trust was formed to provide support for families struggling with postnatal depression, motherhood and parenting issues.

It also aims to provide those families with the tools they need to manage that challenging time in their lives. It is there to provide support to both mothers and fathers, Sabine says.

WK has long been a believer in helping out within the Marlborough community, and as such sponsors some of the hours staff spend doing voluntary work, she adds.

“WK do do a lot for the community … It feels good to give a bit back. We are all fortunate and it’s nice to give back to the community, that’s the motivation.”

Sabine has been at WK for more than 20 years and enjoys the variety of work it offers.

“It’s always challenging and changing, and the last few years we have really embraced changes in technology and in the whole accounting industry. I feel this company is the most progressive in Marlborough,” she says.

“I love my clients as well, working with people for 20 years they become part of your life too.”

Through her work with the Postnatal Depression Marlborough Charitable Trust, Sabine hopes to increase awareness of depression and anxiety in new mothers, as well as the trust’s services.

For anyone who thinks they have Postnatal Depression the trust has a Facebook page, and can also be contacted here.

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