WK Advisor and Payroll Administrator Renee Craw.

WK Advisor and Payroll Administrator Renee Craw is running the streets of Marlborough in preparation for the New York Marathon.

Despite previously completing half marathons, the November event will be her first full marathon.

“It’s something I have always wanted to tick off and I just thought I may as well tick off the biggest one in the world,” Renee says.

She began her training with a running coach to build up her fitness in around November last year and has been using his training programme to gradually increase her running distance over the past few months.

Despite training in winter, she doesn’t let the weather or shorter days put her off. 

Despite a flooded Taylor River last weekend, Renee put on her running gear and made the return trip to Spring Creek not once, but twice.

“I run probably four or five times a week and Sunday is my long run day, yesterday I ran 23km in the rain,” she says. “I had to do it twice to make up the Ks.”

On dark winter mornings, Renee trains on the treadmill in the gym, passing the time with a Netflix show or a podcast.

Not always a keen runner, Renee previously enjoyed body building and thought running would be something different to try, while also keeping fit. 

“I have actually learnt to like running, at the start I hated it,” she says.

Without having completed a full marathon before, Renee isn’t putting too much pressure on herself to complete the event in record time.

“Under five hours would be nice, then you get your name in the New York Times,” she says.

“I think I should be fine.”

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