The ability to make quick business decisions is becoming increasingly important in a fast-paced and digital society.

WK Advisors and Accountants prides itself on being a 100% cloud-based organisation, however interacting with clients face to face is paramount.

Big business decisions require a lot of thought and research, and importantly discussion.

WK director Aaron Cassidy says the way people interact with their ‘Golden Triangle’ of trusted business professionals – their accountant, lawyer and bank manager – is changing.

Traditionally, business owners would usually make separate appointments with all three to discuss the risks and advantages before moving on with the decision; however Aaron says there are benefits to combining those three meetings into one.

“There are a lot of business transactions that require input from all three professionals,” he says.

“It’s about being more agile and getting those three professionals all in the room with the client and coming up with a solution for the situation at hand; it’s brainstorming, figuring out where the client is NOW, WHERE they want to go and and utilising the expertise of each person to work out HOW to move forward.”

This modern approach to business can speed up the process for the client, and it aligns well with WK’s forward-thinking approach to business advisory and accounting, Aaron says.

“It’s refreshing for clients; you can move very quickly and it saves them having to go around to each of the individual parties; it’s a modern way of interacting with clients.”

WK has the ability to arrange and facilitate these meetings on their clients’ behalf. Contact your advisor, or get in touch with your nearest WK office.

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