If any information is incorrect it is easy to update the address, phone numbers, open hours and times.

This is how customers find you on a smartphone these days, so make it easy for your customers.

A website and or Facebook page is also a great way to get your business information out there. But remember the most common way that a new customer will find you is by searching Google and calling the phone number listed, or driving to the address listed there. Make sure this is correct.

Google Maps


The Google Maps application has basically replaced phone books and GPS for anyone finding a business.

Search the maps application you use on your phone and make sure your business comes up where you expect it to.

And try some searches for your industry, to make sure your business is listed correctly. Search in maps for “Food”, “Takeaways”, “Restaurant” or any other term you think your business should be on the map for. This is how customers find you and is very important to the turnover of your business.

It is all about making things easy for your customers, especially important if your business shifts building; you do not want to lose them to the next closest business offering a similar service to where the internet told them you were.

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