For the third year, a group of WK Blenheim staff made the trip out to Taimate, just north of Ward township, to assist with the planting of native trees.

The group made up of Amy Broadbridge, Adrienn Davies-Szalma, her husband Sergei and son Ben, Emma Pilcher, Debbie Foreman, Jo Brown, Sharon Creedy and Greg Newman.

John Hickman had selected a relatively calm area out of the wind, and we had a fine day. Spectacular views out over the Taimate Vineyard and Lake Elterwater with Mount Tapuae-o-Uenuku in the background demonstrated the beauty of the area.

With a long-held desire to enhance Taimate and to bolster native trees, birds, and water life, the project has been underway for many years. WK’s involvement has to some way speed things up but there is as John says, “plenty more to do”.

The staff who donated time agreed that the sense of satisfaction in planting the native trees, that included Flaxes, Kanuka, Totara, Kōwhai and Hoheria, was a special feeling. They enjoyed a cold drink and a BBQ at John and Andrea’s beautiful home after the planting, totally well deserved.

While it may take a few years for the trees to take hold, (given the predominately dry east coast South Island environment), those that do survive will provide enjoyment for many species and of course the people lucky enough to visit.

Part of John’s long-term vision is to become part of the planned cycle trail from Picton through to Kaikoura, the railway line bisects much of the property and we expect that visitors taking advantage, will enjoy the benefits of his vision and hard work and to a small degree of the WK people who have been involved.

We know that to paraphrase John, “if you want to do something to mitigate climate change, don’t do it standing on a street in town holding a placard, get out and plant some trees”.

WK Advisors and Accountants are committed to our community, and this is a small way we can have a positive effect, for now and hopefully for future generations.

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