Louise Blog picMonths of 5am starts, twice daily gym sessions and meals of chicken, eggs and veggies will be put to the test for WK Advisor Louise Blackbourn this weekend.

Louise is competing in the 2018 Christchurch Grand Prix Bodybuilding competition on Saturday, something she has been training for for months.

“Competing is just in the winter, but even in the off season you’re still training because that’s when you build your muscle.

“With comps closer is when you’re getting leaner and losing fat, so then you can see what you have done in the off season; it’s sort of all year round,” she says.

During the past months, Louise has been getting up at 5am daily and heading to the gym to do a one hour cardio session before work, and returning to the gym for another hour of weights after work.

Her complete workout schedule involves six cardio, and five weights sessions per week.

“Getting up early is hard; but it’s hard if you wake up at 5 and it’s hard if you wake up at 7; it’s always hard to get out of bed,” she says.

“I guess I like the commitment and having a goal to work towards.”

Meal preparation is a big part of Louise’s routine, and also requires a lot of dedication.

“I’m always preparing meals; lots of chicken, eggs, veggies and potatoes. It’s hard [sticking to the diet] when there’s a work shout, that’s the worst, and there’s always a work shout,” she laughs.

Louise has high hopes for this weekend’s competition after winning the junior category in the same competition last year.

She won’t find out who her competition is this year, or how many competitors there are until she arrives at the event on Saturday.

Her previous bodybuilding competitions, including Nationals last year, have seen her nab two second places, and another first.

Good luck this weekend Louise!

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