Did you catch WK Christchurch client, Reefton Distilling Co. on TV1’s Seven Sharp last night?

Founder and Chief Executive, Patsy Bass welcomed Julien Lee and the Seven Sharp crew to the small town of Reefton where they covered the background of the company, it’s place on the West Coast and told the story (complete with a taste test) of their famous Little Biddy Gin.

“Created in honour of Reefton legend Little Biddy, a gin-toting, 4 foot tall gold prospector. Our search for native botanicals takes us deep into the same West Coast rainforest where Biddy once fossicked for gold, to craft a uniquely New Zealand selection of small batch distilled gins with attitude.” – Reefton Distilling Co.

Click below to watch the segment on TVNZ On Demand:
(Reefton Distilling Co.’s segments starts at 8:40)

It’s always a pleasure seeing WK Clients having the spotlight deservedly shone on them, great job Reefton team!

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