Shared working spaces are becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand, allowing businesses ranging in size from one to hundreds of staff members to co-work with like minded companies.

WK director Aaron Cassidy recently set up the Christchurch branch of WK in the Regus Centre, one of 3000 branches of the centre worldwide.

“My philosophy is that the shared office environment is the modern way of doing business; particularly from a sense that it’s a collaborative environment,” he says.

Since establishing WK Christchurch in the office space four weeks ago, Aaron has already formed mutually beneficial relationships with two of the other tenants.

Aaron says the centre offers flexibility in terms of working areas, with open spaces, private offices, individual hot desks, meeting rooms and boardrooms available for use.

Tenants also have the ability to make use of Regus Centres in 900 cities around the globe.

“Shared office spaces offer us collaboration, flexibility, shared working spaces … the WK office is set up with a dedicated office to enable us to provide privacy; we can host meetings with clients in different environments, depending on what is the best situation for the client.”

The 100% Cloud based nature of WK services means utilising a shared office space is particularly suitable for the company, and aligns well with WK business philosophies.

“There’s flexibility there, and as we grow we can grow within the Regus facilities,” Aaron says.

People wanting to contact Aaron to discuss his business and advisory services can get in touch with him at or on 027 4337 290.

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