While COVID-19 had a negative impact on many New Zealand businesses, it has been inspiring to see many of WK clients leveraging their businesses offerings and marketing with positive outcomes. 

One such business, Allan Scott Wines were quick to implement their online footprint, taking this opportunity to ramp up online sales and try some new marketing tactics like virtual online tastings and videos. A tough call for the business was closing the winery restaurant for a period of time, this allowed Josh and Sara the time to reflect, re-establish their brand including a total refurbishment of the restaurant.

Meanwhile, the team at Arbour quickly adapted to meet the needs of their customers during lockdown and maintained their brand by offering Dinner Party Kits to customers. These were delivered to the customer’s home for $70 per person. Arbour had planned on offering 16 meals per night, however, this was quickly supported by loyal locals exceeding 40 meals per night. 

The crew at Cycleworld Blenheim were in a different predicament, inundated with customers, but held back by lack of stock available. This presented the team with the challenge of really getting to know their clients requirements and needs to find a suitable solution. Cycleworld’s customer service skills were put to the test, but they came out the other side with stronger customer relationships and in-depth knowledge of their products.

Warren at Fairweather’s was quick to adhere to the new rules put in place by Covid-19, remodelling the front of house to table service and changing rosters to be more efficient. The lockdown period gave Warren the opportunity to reflect on how they operate, implementing a new reduced all-day menu to limit overheads and stock on hand. The changes were well received by customers and have vastly improved efficiencies within the business and are still in place today. 

Te Whare Ra Wines took the opportunity to make a connection to their digital audience, it gave them the push to build their Family and Friends online wine club with regular communication to their mailing list giving an ever-growing database access to the latest wines. Covid-19 made Te Whare Ra aware of the importance of their digital offerings connecting with their Australian importers to quickly push their wines into the Australian market.

WK watches in anticipation and enthusiasm as their clients continue to grow and adapt their business strategies and offerings throughout these unprecedented and unpredictable times.

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