When you have a credit note that is physically being refunded, you will find when payment is made (or received) the credit entered in invoices (or bills) won’t come up in a find & match search in the reconciliation screen. How to reconcile this:

  1. Find your credit note entered withing invoices or bills and click into it. 
  2. At the bottom of the credit you will find a section to “Make a cash refund” 
  1. Enter the relevant amount, date and select the bank account that the refund is going to be paid from or received into. (Enter a reference if required.)
  1. Once payment is made (or been received), go to the dashboard and into your transactions to be reconciled. You should find that the refund you have just actioned on the credit will match with the amount in the bank and you only need to click OK. 

If it doesn’t, click on “Find & Match” to find the refund you just created. 

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