Amy Vetter

WK’s commitment to taking risks with business has been recognised in a recent book by certified public accountant, entrepreneur, and leadership expert, Amy Vetter, pictured.

The book, Integrative Advisory Services, focuses on getting accountants to take a step back from their businesses to remember why they became an accountant in the first place, Amy says.

“We focus so much on deadlines and keeping up with the work, we often do not take the necessary time away from our practice to look at how we can improve our service delivery internally and externally,” she says.

“When we take advantage of the technology, our focus turns away from compliance and back to our customer’s business. We have more time to listen to them and uncover how we can help them thrive in their business goals.”

WK stood out to Amy as being an innovative company which was an early adopter of moving to advisory services, and a leader in taking risks and finding success, prompting her to get in touch.

“Everyone that works with WK and [WK director] Neil [Sinclair] sings their praises. They have taken the necessary risks. They have demonstrated that it’s not easy and you will fumble along the way, but not give up,” Amy says.

“They have provided the example that you learn as you go, you innovate, and you keep an agile work environment so you can continually strive to improve and be better for your clients.”

Neil shared some insights from WK with Amy, which she says were genuine, thought out, and will benefit accountants wherever they are in the world in creating this change themselves.

Amy is confident that accountants who adopt a similar philosophy to WK will have great success in being able to help their clients grow, and become a “cherished advisor”.

“The most important thing is that your clients get the service and advice they need to help them stay in business long term to benefit their employees, families and customers as well.”

Neil says being selected as a case study for the book was a huge honour, and was a reward for the commitment and tenacity of the amazing WK team in implementing the change.

“It is also reassuring to know that we are genuinely providing huge value to our clients, because that is why we all do what we do,” he says.

Photo Credit: Amy Vetter

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