WK has been working closely with Mindshop in order to achieve that, and director Neil Sinclair was recently asked to represent the company at the 2018 Xero Advisory Summit.

“The reality is that you can still do accounts and place focus primarily on the numbers if you want to, and you can do a good job, but the opportunity is there to make a tangible difference to our clients at a higher level,” Neil says.

“The presentation was about the implementation of strategies using Mindshop to do that.”

When WK made the switch to a 100% cloud-based philosophy around 7 years ago, there wasn’t a blueprint to follow, but working with Mindshop has been a game changer.

“Mindshop is as important to the WK strategy as Xero … they provide all the tools we use to provide these high-level advisory services,” Neil says.

Neil’s presentation focused on using tools from both organisations to dig deeper with clients, and it was well received by attendees.

“We have been asked a number of times to talk to Xero and Mindshop conferences now and that gives us an indication that we are doing things right,” Neil says.

“It’s an honour when you have a key partner in your business to ask you to speak at a conference; it feels like you’re giving some payback to them.”

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