For example, you could track your wages across multiple projects to ensure costs are accurately captured and that you have your finger on the pulse when it comes to the allocation of employee’s time.

There are now a wide range of options for payroll systems on the market. The best choice for your business will depend entirely on your individual circumstances. Your trusted Advisor at WK is able to discuss your needs with you and help you choose the package that fits your business best, and we have knowledgeable staff available to help implement your chosen system.

One of the current offerings is Xero Payroll. Released in April 2015, Xero have worked hard on enhancing Xero Payroll, and thousands of businesses, accountants and bookkeepers are now using it every month.

Xero have continued to improve this system and many people find huge benefit in having their payroll and accounting systems integrated.

WK Advisors and Accountants are a Platinum Partner with Xero and this allows us to provide you with relevant and future focussed reporting for your business.

You can contact a WK advisor here.

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