When WK became a Xero Partner back in 2012, we don’t think anyone knew just how big Xero was going to be. Xerocon Melbourne was the sixth Xerocon WK has attended and it was by far the biggest!

Pictures speak louder than words. As you can see from the below, Rod Drury explains how Xero is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest in the market.

Rod Drury

Why is being a Xero Partner so important to us and our clients?

Online accounting has proven to be a winner from the traditional desktop accounting. Xero is a real time cloud based software that allows us to view our client’s data at the same time as them. This is essential when it comes to giving proactive advice to help our clients businesses grow.

Xero quickly becomes the engine and driving force of the business, as it is used every day to manage cashflow and helps to make important decisions on a daily basis.

As you can see from the below, small businesses that are using Xero, grow their net profit faster if they are connected to an advisor or if they are using cloud based apps.

image3Pictured: Anna Curzon – Chief Partner Officer at Xero

These are just a couple of reasons why WK continues to have such a strong partnership with Xero and why it has proven to be a no-brainer for us and our clients when it comes to using an innovative accounting software.


If you haven’t tried Xero, you can easily sign up for a free 30-day trial or you can get in touch with WK to check out the Xero plans on offer. If you are currently using Xero, then check out our WK blogs here for Xero tips and tricks to make things easier, or pop on over to the Xero website here for more helpful videos.

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