With this growth, Xero recognises that there are many customer-supplier relationships using Xero software and have enabled customers and suppliers to securely send invoices straight to each other’s Xero account using the Xero to Xero Network.

Each Xero subscriber has a personal “Xero Network Key” which can be found in:

Settings > General Settings > Xero To Xero

Within Xero To Xero settings you can send your Xero Network Key to your suppliers or customers simply by entering their email address to the pre-populated message.

You will also need to input their Network Key into your own Xero contact details. Just navigate to your contacts, find the contact you have a Network Key for and select “Edit”. You will find a field at the bottom of the screen to copy in the supplier’s or customer’s Network Key.

The next time you create an invoice for that customer you will notice an infinity symbol next to the contact. This means you are connected via the Xero To Xero Network and when you send the invoice to the customer via email, Xero will automatically send a copy of the invoice to them, creating a draft bill in their Xero account.

When invoices are sent to you via the Xero To Xero Network, all you need to do is navigate to purchases and find the invoice in drafts. This allows you to add any other information that you may need or change the account code, before approving as a final bill due for payment.

The Xero To Xero Network reduces a lot of manual data entry, making invoicing and billing a quick and easy process. So next time you are talking within your own business network, ask around to see if any of your customers or suppliers are using Xero and share your Xero Network Key with them. It will help to reduce admin processes, giving you more time to focus on growing your business!

If you would like help setting up your own Xero to Xero Network, contact your WK Advisor who will be happy to help out.

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