xb2XeroCon was a great chance for the team to understand the significant advances that Xero are planning to release in the coming 12 months, while being exposed to a range of top business speakers including the Leader of the Australian Antarctic programme to a Buddhist monk!

XeroCon has held at the Brisbane Conference Centre and 2,400 accountants from around Australia and New Zealand attended. As well as learning about key developments in Xero and in the accounting industry in general, there were also some great business leadership sessions that we will look to share with you in coming blogs.

One of the key strengths of Xero is the range of add-on partners that integrate with the software. This means your business can be running on software specifically designed for your industry and to help make your job easier.

There were nearly 100 add-on partners at Xerocon, including Figured and our very own Ranqx –  we will be providing advice to clients regarding add-ons in the coming months.

The highlight of XeroConwas Rod Drury’s keynote speech. Rod is an amazing visionary and is taking accounting software and the industry to new places.

The speed of the change is quite scary, but as Xero continues to evolve, we will be able to spend more time helping you address the real business issues.

xbTwo of the features that Xero is about to release are really taking accounting software to places I did not expect to see in my career.

The first is a “Facebook Messenger Chat Bot”. This technology effectively allows you, via Facebook Messenger, to ask Xero questions in English, such as “How much money have I got?”. Xero will then respond! It will mean there are no excuses for not knowing real time financial information about your business!

The second feature is an Artificial Intelligence engine that will assist with coding transactions. Xero believe that with improvements in AI tools, they will eliminate the need for you to code your financial transactions. How amazing is that!

If you have some spare time, check out Rod’s keynote below.

Rest assured, as the Top of the South’s only Platinum Xero Partner, and winner of the 2016 Tasman Accounting Partner of the Year, WK is working hard to stay ahead of all the innovative changes Xero is driving. We will shortly be releasing information on training and seminars to assist you to take advantage of all the Xero benefits for your business.


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