The team at WK are Figured experts, so we can help you get started on the system, and then use it to help you toward your goals for your operation.

For farmers and accountants.
Figured is built as a tool for farmers and accountants to work together on, so we can help you build your budget and work with you throughout the year to keep the business performing according to plan.

Decisions are easier with data.
Figured is an online tool so your financial and stock information is all kept in one place, and can be easily combined to update your financial plan, meaning when you need to know your financial position it’s easy to access and you know its accurate.

More time on the farm.
With Figured, farm accounting tasks are streamlined, so you’ll spend less time in the office, and more time out on the land doing what you love.

We’re big fans of Figured.
We’re Figured partners, so our team are expects on the system, with Figured we are able to work more collaboratively with you and help you manage the finances toward your farming goals.

Connected to Xero.
Figured is integrated with Xero, so managing your accounts is easy and updating your budget is seamless.

The banks are big fans too.
When your financial plan is online and kept up to date its much easier to present financial performance to the bank, so conversations start from a place of confidence and clarity.