Ensuring the well-being of up to 57 residents and 50 staff members is part of the large task assigned to Bethsaida, Marlborough rest home manager Tracy Holdaway.

Tracy and the Bethsaida Retirement Village accounts team work closely with WK director Vaughan Harris, who advises and provides financial reports on the day to day running of the rest home, through to big one-off projects including a recent extension.

Vaughan has been instrumental in ensuring the viability of the extension to the facility, which will grow the number of beds from 43 to 57.

His advice took into consideration the financial viability of the extension, but importantly assessed their ability to efficiently staff the extra beds, Tracy says.

“Vaughan planned that very carefully and advised the board on it. His advice is timely and practical,” she says.

WK has worked with Bethsaida Retirement Village for many years, overseeing their accounts, managing the payroll systems and advising staff on the ins and outs of Xero, Tracy says.

During the past five years in which Tracy has been at Bethsaida, she has appreciated the ability to get hold of Vaughan as and when needed.

“Vaughan is always there ready to answer any questions; he’s just a phone call or email away and he’s very responsive, you never wait for Vaughan.”

“He’s very nice to deal with and just so on to it, so knowledgeable. Never have I asked him anything that he doesn’t know; having Vaughan’s financial expertise on hand makes managing the facility that much easier,” Tracy says.