When Paul Harrison made the decision to start his own transport business in 2012, he knew he would need to surround himself with good people in the industry to make it happen.

About two years into his venture, it became clear that he needed an accountant with an understanding of the transport industry and who had a genuine interest in his business, Elevate Transport Services.

“I had lost faith in my previous accounting firm, they dropped the ball big time and so I put the feelers out there for who was the best in the industry and all roads lead to Aaron from WK,” Paul says.

Aaron initially met with Paul’s wife Alex, and later with Paul himself.

“We both felt right about him straight away; straight away we felt comfortable with him. It was a good fit for us as a young company to have someone like Aaron who himself is young, and is keen to help rather than just crunch the numbers,” Paul says.

Aaron began his work with Elevate by holding a strategy meeting with Paul and Alex to help them set some business goals and implement a strategic plan to reach those goals.

“Aaron really holds me accountable for things that I should be doing and have done. He’s really turned our business around and turned me around particularly,” Paul says.

In just five years, Paul has managed to grow the fleet from one truck to five.

He says Aaron’s knowledge of the industry, teamed with his business advisory expertise has helped immensely with the financial side of his operations.

“Aaron understands the nuts and bolts of running a transport company from the running costs of the equipment and the men, and what it takes to make a profit at the end of the day.

“I don’t have that expertise in accounting, and strategic meetings and making those decisions, so I need that help.”