Director Matt Kerr and team Greg Newman, Jo Brown, Karleen Dredge, Laura Murphy and Craig Robinson travelled by boat from Waikawa Bay through the Queen Charlotte Sound and almost out to the entrance of Cook Strait.

Greeted by the Radon’s on arrival we were treated to a true “Sounds” experience, starting with a viewing of the massive tame eels in the creek on the walk up to the homestead, where Antonia treated us to gourmet Christmas Mince Pies and a cuppa. Mike and sons Jacob and James enthusiastically spoke to us about the business.

The Radon’s have a unique farming business that includes traditional sheep and cattle but with a special twist, they grow Paua (Abalone) for commercial purposes, re-seeding and Paua Pearls. They also have a range of accommodation options available for short term rental, all have stunning views.

As part of the business includes the sale of Paua jewellery, we were treated to a viewing of the beautiful pieces on offer, the Paua pearls are simply unique. The story that goes with each piece shows the dedication and commitment the family invest into the whole business.

A trip up the hill to the Gunyah homestead highlighted to us all what a beautiful asset the Marlborough Sounds are, while we were there several of the Cook Strait Ferries made their way past. The homestead has been immaculately restored to its 1940’s roots and was a journey back in time.

Back down the hill Mike, Antonia and the boys took us through the Paua Growing process, something they have fined tuned over many years. Again the dedication to perfecting that process was evident. The tanks full of variously aged Paua are an amazing sight, with the fresh seawater constantly providing an environment for the Paua to grow and breed that replicates the conditions they would have in the wild.

All in all, an excellent afternoon out of the office to keep us in touch with just one of the many diverse clients that WK Advisors and Accountants are proud to work with.

A link to the Arapawa Homestead website is attached

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