Do you spend unnecessary time finding information for jobs completed days earlier so that you can complete invoices? Would you like to offload some of the administration to your employees? Or would you just like the flexibility to administer your business anytime, anywhere? With Xero, you can!

If you have either an Apple or Android smartphone, you can access Xero on your mobile using Xero’s mobile app. While it does not have the full functionality of desktop Xero, it does allow you and your employees to complete key administrative tasks while on the go.

Reconciling Transactions

Whenever you have a spare moment, you can reconcile transactions in Xero from your mobile.


Rather than having to keep track of annoying receipts, you can photograph them and upload them to Xero using the mobile app. These can be saved to Xero files to deal with later or you can assign them to an expense claim.


You can use the Xero app to complete sales invoices on the job. This is really helpful for ensuring invoices are accurate and timely and for capturing information from a new client.

Customer Details

Xero has a detailed register of contacts; essentially a very good address book. You can record a whole range of details about your customers and suppliers. This is all available on the app for when you are out and about.

Employee Access

You can also give your employees invoice only access which means they can use their smartphone to create invoices and claim expenses without seeing any other financial data.

Fingerprint Login

If you have an iPhone 6 or up and later model Android mobiles, you can use your fingerprint to login to your Xero account. It is simple and easy to setup and makes login to Xero a breeze.

Although we all know we should use different passwords for all of our logins, we know many of us don’t because it is just too hard to remember multiple passwords. The good thing about fingerprint technology is that your fingerprint is unique and cannot be forgotten or misplaced (well not easily at least!).

Here at WK we continue to be impressed with the level of innovation we see from Xero. They go well beyond simply being accounting software and are leaders in new technology. This fits nicely with our mission at WK which is to provide quality business advice and innovative solutions for the success of our clients, staff and community.

If you would like to know more about any of the Xero mobile options, then take a look at Xero’s page here, or speak to one of our Advisors at WK who will be happy to help you out.

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