For over 15 years Arapawa Seafarms have been continually growing, farming, breeding and reseeding New Zealand Abalone (Haliotis iris or Paua). Throughout the years they have learned, through trial and error how to successfully spawn (breed) wild Paua, grow larvae, and release juveniles back into the wild to replace/increase wild stocks. Along with their reseeding project, they also grow Haliotis iris pearls, also known as blue or Paua pearls. These pearls are in high demand, because of their beauty and unique colours, for jewellery.

Here is a recent promo video they’ve had a produced about their business

Their accommodation has also recently featured on “For rent: New Zealand’s $35 island escape”

The article focuses on the accommodation the couple offer on the island and the awesome break you could have out there. What a great feature for the Marlborough region as well as the team at Arapawa Seafarms.

Take a read of it here >

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