Here at WK we are continually impressed with the skill, hard work and talent of our clients and Higgins Shearing is no exception. 

This team of determined young women, led by Sarah Higgins, is paving the way for the next generation of shearers here in Marlborough, earning multiple awards as they go along.

We had the pleasure of watching them on a recent episode of Hyundai Country Calendar. The athletic crew push themselves both physically and mentally every day whilst upholding their hard working values and respect for the humane treatment of sheep. 

The result is the high quality of their work in wool sheds around Marlborough and the admiration they have received from their fellow shearers.

WK would like to extend their congratulations to Higgins Shearing on their recent feature. We know we will continue to see great things from Sarah and her team. 

Watch the full episode here ->

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