We know how important your brand is and your invoices need to show it. Xero lets you easily customise your invoice settings and has a complete invoice customisation solution for those who are confident in their document editing skills.

Invoice customisation is found under:

Settings > General Settings > Invoice Settings

Most common alterations you CAN make:

Add a logo

To add a logo to the top of your invoice, simply select “Upload Logo” below the Options drop down box within the standard template and you are good to go – Xero will take care of the rest!

Add a bank account number

To add a bank account number, select “Edit” from the Options dropdown box within the standard template. You will see a Terms & Payment Advice text box on the bottom right of the screen. Type your bank account number here and it will now print on all invoices sent to your customers.

List your payment terms

In the same Terms & Payment Advice text box as described under “Add a bank account number” above, type your payment terms, for example, “Due in 7 days” or “Due on 20th of month following invoice”.  This can help ensure you get paid on time.

Other specific Instructions

In the same Terms & Payment Advice text box as described under “Add a bank account number” above, type any special instructions you would like to appear on your invoices, such as “Please use invoice number as reference” or “Please use name as reference”.

ADVANCED: Custom Docx Theme

The ability to download and edit individual docx files opens up a world where invoice customisation is limited only by your imagination. You can edit page headings, choose a selection of fonts, position your logo anywhere on the page, add pictures or background images, colour or highlight sections of the invoice and much more to suit any need.

To do this yourself, you need good document editing skills. Otherwise, we suggest contacting your trusted Advisor here at WK who will be happy to help you make more advanced changes to your invoice templates.

To get started, select “Custom .docx” from the New Branding Theme drop down box in invoice settings. This will prompt you to name the new branding theme and once you have saved this, you will see the new branding theme template appear in your invoice settings screen. Select “Download” from your new template and start customising!

If you have any questions on customising your invoices, please contact your WK Advisor who will be able to help you out.

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