A team of WK senior advisors gave the Marlborough Agri-Women Development Group an insight into the world of accounting and business advisory last week.

Senior Advisors Greg Newman, Jo Brown and Laura Murphy, who specialise in rural business advisory and accounting, hosted the women in the first presentation of its kind at WK.

Although not all of the women were WK clients, the purpose of the session was to provide them with advice on taking a team approach to their business, and looking at ways they can work with their accountant, farm advisor, bank manager or solicitor to run their farm.

“Back in the old days a common misconception was the wife was someone who does the cooking and raises the kids and makes sure the shearers are fed, and that really has been overturned with the new generation.”

“These are very clever women with experience in other industries and they are able to bring those skills along to the business,” Greg says.

With a specific team dedicated to working with clients in the rural farming or viticulture sector, WK has a range of tools available to help them reach long term goals, Greg says.

Jo gave the group some insight into some common issues around income tax and compliance, before Laura spoke about some of the tools available to business, including Xero and Figured.

IMG 1838“We wanted them to go away with something, and hopefully to open their eyes to what can be achieved with the right tools,” Greg says.

“It’s getting some of these things that worry people out in the open and giving them some confidence to be able to address that with their own accountants, solicitors or bankers.”

WK has continued to adopt new apps, tools and software along the move to becoming a cloud based accounting and business advisory agency, including software to help farmers plan for the future.

“We are helping our clients by saying ‘what issues are stopping us doing the job efficiently’, and how we can efficiently help them at the pointy end, the here and now; we’ve got those tools and the expertise in house,” Greg says.

To find out how the WK team can help you with your business, contact us today.

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