We recently featured our clients ZeroStone Investigations and their new investment, Stone: a 12 week old German Shepherd.

To introduce Stone to a new environment we invited Mike, Matt & Stone to visit us at our Blenheim WK offices. Stone rode in the lift and he and Matt spent some time getting used to the stairs.

Emma Pilcher, Adrienn Szalma-Davis and Katie Forde with Matt and Stone

Following the more serious side of his training, Stone met many of our WK people, creating a really favourable impression. He is pictured to the right with WK Advisors: Emma Pilcher, Adrienn Szalma-Davis and Katie Forde, all of whom had been eagerly awaiting Stone’s visit.

When talking with Matt and Mike about the journey Stone is taking to become a fully-fledged drug sniffing dog for their business, we found out that the training process may take up to twelve months. Matt says it is a very intensive time but one that they are confident will be successful.

Matt’s background as a dog handler for the Police Force provides him with all the necessary skills needed to ensure Stone becomes a valuable asset for ZeroStone.

Greg Newman who helps ZeroStone Investigations with advisory and accounting suggested that we continue to follow Stone’s progress and we will provide an update in a few months.

“I expect that Stone will have filled out by then and perhaps be a little less cute, he is a working dog after all” he says.

Find out more about ZeroStone Investigations here.

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