WK Client, ZeroStone Investigations, provide a wide range of services, amongst them are Methamphetamine Testing and Drug Testing along with investigative work.

Clients Mike and Nicki Lawson along with staff member Matt MacDougall are great believers in applying technology to their business. They have recently added to the tools they utilise.

Joining the team is Stone, a 10 week old German Shepherd puppy. Matt whose background was as a Dog Handler with the NZ Police, identified an opportunity in the market place and Stone will be a valuable addition.

Matt will be training Stone over the coming months to become a Drug Sniffing dog. ZeroStone clients will (in time) be able to access him to check business premises, schools etc and further add to the wide range of skills and services the team bring to our community.

With both Mike and Matt having had backgrounds with the NZ Police, they are ideally placed to advise on a wide range of issues that can impact all varieties of business from workplace drug testing to dishonesty.

Senior Advisor at WK, Greg Newman enjoys working with the people at ZeroStone. “Having an interesting client like ZeroStone, adds a new challenge, they are a relatively new business, but we have been able to work with the Lawsons to identify new opportunities, set some goals and help measure progress towards them”, he says.

To find out more about ZeroStone click here.

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