Back in September 2019 we featured Stone, the new drug sniffing dog for WK client ZeroStone Investigations. At just twelve weeks old he was a very cute pup and captured the hearts of many of the staff here at the WK office. 

Nearly six months on we thought we decided to check on Stone’s progress, so with Mike Lawson and Matt MacDougall, from ZeroStone, Stone returned to the WK Blenheim offices. While it was expected, Stone has grown but still managed to impress with his development and calm presence around new people and experiences.

Stone undergoes an inspection of the WK office in Blenheim

Now well into his training Matt says he is pleased with Stone’s progress and he is at the level he had aimed for. Matt went on to say that he was delighted with his ability at a very young age. Dogs such as Stone generally develop their skills over a period of years. With another 3 months of intensive training in front of him the team is not too far away from being able to put Stone to work.

Matt conducted a demonstration for our staff, taking Stone around the 3rd floor, where he was able to check out drawers, handbags and several of the staff. Matt had hidden a sample of a chemical imitation of a frequently used recreational drug which Stone discovered with ease; an impressive feat given the many distractions he faced.

While Matt provides the bulk of care for Stone, the Lawson’s also step up when Matt is away from home. We have it on good authority that Stone also has a playful nature and is like all young hounds, keen on fetching and retrieving sticks and balls. Mike and Nicki baby sat Stone recently and returned him back to Matt in an exhausted state. Matt says he’s not too sure who had the most fun.

We have already booked in for another visit to monitor Stone’s progress in 3 or 4 months, when he will be a fully integrated member of the ZeroStone team.

To learn more about the services ZeroStone offer check out their website

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