WK Advisors and Accountants Christchurch director Aaron Cassidy.

Technology has been crucial for the WK Christchurch team in allowing them to establish strong and seamless relationships with clients and the wider WK team.

Director Aaron Cassidy, pictured, and senior advisor Andrea Leach recently attended a tech roadshow hosted by tech supplier Ricoh, something they do regularly to ensure they’re keeping ahead of the game.

“We established a relationship with Ricoh when the Christchurch office was formed and we always make a habit of going to their roadshows and presentations,” Aaron says.

“Applications, and how devices are being used is allowing interactive collaboration between us and another party; it’s bringing the Christchurch and Blenheim offices together and enabling us to collaborate and use technology to provide a 21st century experience to our clients.”

Video conferencing tools Zoom and Skype are used regularly by the WK teams in both Christchurch and Blenheim to make contact with many clients based out of town.

“Spotlight reports and cloud technology allows us to collaborate with our clients remotely, we don’t necessarily need to meet them physically,” Aaron says.

“It’s allowing us to have that relationship, it’s not clunky and it’s easy to dial into meetings from anywhere.”

The WK team continues to explore and support clients in using industry-specific software including iCos Live; vWork (transport), Figured (farming), and Vintrace (vineyard and winery).

Such cloud-based software interacts seamlessly with Xero, automating invoicing and making account management and day-to-day business requirements straight forward.

“Technology has continued to move on and we’re adopting it and bringing our clients on a journey with us,” Aaron says.

Contact Aaron on 03 379 9524 to discuss how he can help your business in the 21st century business environment. The Blenheim office can be contacted on 03 578 0180.

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