WK was recently named one of the Top 30 Accounting Firms in New Zealand, reaffirming company efforts to be more than just accountants.

In the Stuff.co.nz article which published the list, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand head, Peter Vial, was quoted as saying that success for accounting firms is increasingly becoming about their people skills, rather than their ability to crunch numbers.

“There’s still compliance work to be done. There’s still numbers that have to be reported on. But they are doing more analysis, what do the numbers mean for the future. There’s more of a future focus,” he says.

WK director Hamish Morrow, pictured with Marlborough winemaker Allan Scott, says their shift to be more than just compliance accountants really began when they made the switch to Xero back in 2011.

“We’re doing a lot more advisory work, getting past the numbers and finding out what [our clients’] goals are for their businesses, and helping them work towards those.”

“It’s good to know what we are doing is being recognised … we see huge value in what we are offering in the advisory space,” he says.

Coming in at number 17, and the only accountancy firm in the Top of the South to make the Top 30, is a pretty big achievement for a single-office firm based in Marlborough.

“It’s quite cool to be nationally recognised as a leading chartered accountancy firm. There are a few multi office firms above us, but not too many single office firms so we are thrilled with the result,” Hamish says.

WK is committed to adding value to clients’ businesses in any way they can, and will continue to adapt to an ever-changing technological world. Contact us today to see how we can help you reach your business goals.

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