WK Blenheim enjoyed a visit from our clients Mike Lawson and Matt MacDougall from ZeroStone, they brought with them, Luka a 4-month-old German Shepherd pup who joined the team as an eight-week-old puppy.

Luka will pair with their first dog Stone, who has now been fully certified as a drug detecting dog. Luka has begun his training; Matt is confident that he will in time become fully proficient and the two will allow ZeroStone to provide a service that can cover the top of the South Island and beyond.

Working with Matt and Mike in an advisory role, we at WK are happy to have been a small part of the growth that both ZeroStone Investigations and ZeroStone Detector Dog are enjoying.

Being able to offer an environment that presents some unique challenges to a young dog is also a bonus. Luka experienced both the lift and a climb up and down the stairs and met many of the Blenheim team.

As his training continues Matt will be back at WK with both dogs soon, he hopes that Stone will help Luka gain confidence by continuing to be a role model.

Learn more about ZeroStone Detector Dog and ZeroStone Investigations or read more about Stone’s visit to WK here.

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