Cheesemakers Simon and Hellene Lamb began their business journey with a hobby, and now supply their cheeses to top restaurants throughout New Zealand. “If you look at the top 100 restaurants in the cuisine magazine, we’re in 26 of those,” Simon says.

Their business, Cranky Goat Ltd, is now a full-time job for the couple, who also have help from their children. Part of the initial business plan was to ensure that Cranky Goat would be a sustainable business for future generations.

“When we first started we had a vision of what we wanted to do; we wanted to set it up as a family business, and that’s multi-generational, so when we were looking at the planning of this we were looking at this two to three generations further down the line,” Simon says.

Setting business goals and identifying their now, where and how was something that Cranky Goat identified as being important to the success of their business. In 2015, with the business growing at a rapid rate, Simon and Hellene enlisted the help of WK to help them with managing their growth and planning for the future.

WK director Neil Sinclair says Cranky Goat has a fantastic product, making it important for them to manage the scale of their growth.

“Simon and Hellene are fantastic, they’ve got a clear vision and they come up with fantastic ideas, so our role is really helping them review what those ideas are saying and really just being a soundboard for them and helping them really drive the business forward,” he says.

“What WK do very effectively around the goals is they challenge you first of all to set the goals. They make you take real ownership of those goals,” Simon says.

He and Hellene say having an advisor is essential for creating and fulfilling their business plans and goals. “We will more than happily refer WK,” Simon says.