2020 will certainly draw out some interesting wrap-ups, more than likely drawing on COVID-19 and the negative impacts it had on businesses and the community in general. With that in mind, we’ll certainly touch on COVID-19 in this blog, but we’d like to share some of the positive things that happened in 2020 here at WK.

This year we welcomed some new staff, had some awesome promotions and growth. Here’s a timeline of some of the highlights:

In March, April and May New Zealand went into level 4 and 3 lockdowns, and our staff responded amazingly well to the shift to working from home and keeping in regular contact with their clients to ensure their wellbeing.

In April WK hosted a COVID-19 recovery webinar series to guide our clients through the challenging period. Each webinar was 20-30 minutes long and gave clients key tools and information to help them develop a COVID-19 recovery plan.

In May the New Zealand Government announced the Small Business Cashflow Scheme and Business Finance Guarantee Scheme to support businesses through the pandemic

In June we announced the appointment of Simon Ross to WK Head of Tax

In June we also announced the retirement of Peter Forrest

Another hugely positive development for WK in June was making the move into the Nelson market, in the form of a merger with Strawbridge and Associations, now WK Strawbridge. This expansion means WK has strengthened our roots for business in the top of the South, bridging the gap between Marlborough and Nelson. 

In July we announced Amanda Wyngaard as our General Manager

Also in July we congratulated Jen Rogers who was promoted to the position of Senior Advisor at the WK Blenheim office.

Another awesome development in July for WK was a shift into a new office space in Christchurch after two years in the market. The new space greatly complements the business and provides our Christchurch team with a fantastic environment to work in! 

Learn more about the Christchurch team here:

In August, the finance minister announced big changes to the New Zealand Business Finance Guarantee Scheme to further support businesses

In October we welcomed our Agri Expert Derek West to our team in our Blenheim office.


WK Advisors and Accountants are proud sponsors of the Westpac & Bayleys Marlborough Sheep & Beef Farmer of the Year and on Friday 16th October, our senior WK advisors Craig Robinson and Derek West both attended the winners field day for 2019 at the Avery Family’s winning Bonavaree Farm, south of Blenheim. 

Also in October, we had a look at the tax changes in 2020, read more here:

In November we released a highlights video of how some of our clients have pivoted to adapt with the changes the pandemic has brought upon them. While COVID-19 had a negative impact on many New Zealand businesses, it has been inspiring to see many of WK clients leveraging their businesses offerings and marketing with positive outcomes. 

2021 kicks off for most of our team on Monday the 11th of January we’d like to wish everyone a prosperous and awesome 2021.

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